Social Services 

Social Services Social Services at Islamic Center of Orlando Islamic Center of Orlando provides high quality social services, such as family counseling, social events and activities.educational gatherings, and financial aid, which are necessary for the well-being and prosperity of the Muslim community. Our social services are geared towards maintaining and nourishing the well­ being of our Muslim community. 

Family Counseling for family crisis; teen and parenting issues; and spousal/domestic conflicts. 

Educational Programs to educate our community on relevant issues such as our civil rights as American Muslims.

Zakat Criteria
Financial Aid (Zakaat) is an Islamic obligation ordained to establish social welfare and strengthen the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among the Muslim community. It is an important service provided by the Center to cater to members of our Muslim community who are in need of financial help and support. Applications for financial aid are accepted and reviewed on a regular basis by the Zakaat Committee. Interviews with the applicants are also conducted, as needed, to determine eligibility.

Please come to the masjid and fill out the Zakat form in person.

Food Pantry Social Events and Gatherings: such as picnics, dinners, celebrations, and educational seminars, are organized on a regular basis to broaden the ties within our Muslim community, strengthen the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among its members, and provide recreational activities for our Muslim families in a healthy Islamic environment.

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