Islamic Marriage Marriage Services at Islamic Center of Orlando Islamic Center of Orlando provides marriage service including counseling Nikah Services is provided at the Islamic center. As per the rules of Shariah, two Muslims witnesses are required and a prior appointment is request to be made with the Imam. The presence of the parents of the groom and the bride is recommended. If not possible then at least their consent of approval should be taken before the Nikah ceremony. If the bride is from ahle-kitab then Islam would presented to her by the Imam before the Nikah.​

The amount of Mahr (dowry) should be agreed upon by the groom and the bride and should be mentioned at the time of the marriage. A photo-id of the groom and the bride as well as of the witnesses is required at the time of Nikah. Although the Nikah should be performed at the masjid, but for some reason the Nikah needs to take place at another location then the Imam should be informed of this arrangement.

For Nikah (marriage) ceremony following documents are required by the ICO Imam:
  • A valid marriage license from the county or an official marriage certificate
  • Two Muslim witnesses (Witnesses must provide valid identification)
  • A valid identification such as driver license, passport, I.D., etc.
  • Mahr, i.e. a gift from the groom to the bride must be agreed upon before the service

Marriage Agreement (Nikah nama) will be presented to the couple at the conclusion of the Nikah ceremony.
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